• A1226

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Laptop Makbook Pro A1226 used  .. all parts working correctly    

Basic specifications of the product
Products status
Main Specifications Cor2 Duo 2400
Product Color nvidia- 256mb
Additional specifications in the product
Additinal Specifications DDR2 - 2GB
Status of product parts and changes
Damaged Parts --
Harmed parts خط خفيف بطرف الشاشة من اليسار
Unavaiables Parts --
Unoriginal Parts --
Repaired Parts SATA -250 GB
Remaining Parts LCD - 15.4in
Order spare parts for the product
Needed External Parts --
Needed Parts --

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  • Brands Apple
  • Product Kind: MacBookPro
  • SKU: Used_2009
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  • $1,500.00

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Tags: Laptop Makbook Pro used (محمول ماك بوك مستعمل)